Multivariate time-series analysis

Looking for R packages for time-series analysis (MARSS, atsar, …)? Head to our ATSA-ES page. Packages, course webpage and Applied Time-Series Analysis book is there.

Most of my code is my GitHub page and organizations. My main GH organizations are:

Other random stuff is on my GitHub page. However, if you are looking for time-series analysis or hierarchical modeling code, then you should look at my collegues’ GitHub repositories and project pages.

Other code


Fitting huge poission regression models using glmnet.


A matlab package for fitting MAR(1) models.


An R package for fitting MAR(1) models.

FishBox and EcologyBox

Code repositories with a variety of older projects. We have switched over to GitHub since 2012 or so. We developed the code base that runs the repository itself as part of the Iugo-Cafe project in the 2000s.


Iugo-Cafe was an early project on development of fluid content managers for science purposes.