About Me

I am a Math and Physics double major at St Olaf College in Minnesota. I am looking for a summer internship that allows me to combine my love of the natural world with my love of math and science. I have strong intra-personal and leadership skills from many years working as a teacher and instructor at summer schools, theater programs, and skiing programs. I have outdoor skills from 15+ years of wilderness expeditions during summers in Alaska and Canada and a semester studying environmental science and outdoor leadership at the High Mountain Institute in Colorado.

Scientific Presentations

Validating MODIS Land Surface Temperatures Using In-situ Skin Temperature Data across Greenland - 2018. K. Zikan, W. Brown, A. Adolph, R. Fausto. Poster. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting. Washington DC, Dec 2018. Also given at the CURI Symposium (St Olaf College), Aug 2018. [pdf]
Quantifying Near-Surface Inversions at Sites across the Greenland Ice Sheet - 2018. W. Brown, K. Zikan, A. Adolph, R. Fausto. Poster. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting. Washington DC, Dec 2018. Also given at the CURI Symposium (St Olaf College), Aug 2018. [pdf]


Number Theory in Budapest - St Olaf winter interim program in Number Theory in Budapest, Hungary. January 2018.
Mathematics - Statistics 2 yrs (HS), Calculus 2yrs (HS), Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus, Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Statistics for the Sciences
Physics - Intro Physics (HS), Quantitative Physics (HS), Analytical Physics I, Analytical Physics II, Analytical Physics III, Analytical Physics Labs
Great Conversations - The Great Conversation is separate (by application) two-year writing-intensive program at St Olaf that introduces the major epochs of Western civilization via the `Great Works`.
High Mountain Institute - During high school, I spent a semester studying environmental science and outdoor leadership in Leadville, Colorado. Half the semester was spent on winter expeditions in Utah and Colorado doing environmental science.

Work experience

Student Researcher

Summer Fall 2018
St Olaf College, Northfield MN

I worked under Professor Alden Adolph at St Olaf College researching temperature processes over the Greenland icesheet. My work involved data extraction, extensive use of MatLab and JMP for data analysis and visualization, scientific writing for posters and papers, 3D modeling, electronic work building and coding a temperature control system for our lab, and effective team collaboration. I also prepared and presented this work at a number of conferences, including the American Geophysical Union 2018 Fall Meeting. I began working on this project Summer 2018 through the CURI program and have continued the research through the Thomas Endowment Fund.

Math Grader

Fall 2018
St Olaf College Math Department, Northfield MN

Graded homeworks for a Calc 1 class

Summer Quest Teacher

Summers 2014-2017
Meridian School, Seattle WA

I was an assistant teacher in the summer program. I was responsible for supervising students, snack planning and preparation, art supply inventory, and assisting during field trips.

Data Entry and Website Design

Summers 2017
Emerald City Football Club, Seattle WA

I was responsible transferring over all the data for a website update for the club. I also designed the new club website: http://emeraldcityfc.org. I was also responsible for contacting parents for paperwork and updating a database for player insurance.

Kayaking Outreach Instructor

Summer 2017
Green Lake Small Craft Center, Seattle WA

I led hour and half kayaking lessons for large groups of summer camp kids. I was responsible for organizing anywhere from 10 to 30 kids, teaching them basic kayaking technique, leading trips and games, and providing safety on the lake.

Ski Instructor

Winters 2013-2016
Summit at Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Pass, WA

I worked as a cross-country ski instructor during winter. I taught in the junior program and led kids on adventures every weekend.

Stage Manager

Summer 2016
Bathhouse Theater, Seattle WA

I was the stage manager for the HS production of Front Page at the Bathhouse Theater in Seattle WA. I was responsible for keeping the director, actors and tech crew on schedule by running auditions, writing down blocking and cues, being on-book during rehersals, acting as liason between the various designers, the director and run crew and providing a daily rehearsal report to the director, actors, and tech crew. I also called sound and light cues during the performances.

Teaching Assistant

Summers 2012-2013
Bathhouse Theater, Seattle WA

I assisted with the summer children's theater program. I was responsible for supervising the students, running activities and signing in students in the mornings.


Thomas Endowment Fund - St Olaf College, junior year
Deans list - St Olaf College, freshman year, sophomore year
National Math Honor Society - St Olaf College
Bunrock Scholar - St Olaf College, highest 4-year merit scholarship
National Merit Finalist - Univ. Prep, 2016

Languages and Skills

English - Native
Russian - 2 yrs college
Chinese - 2 yrs high school
MatLab - Intermediate; extensive use in research
JMP - Intermediate; use in research
Python - Intermediate; use in classwork
Mathematica - Intermediate; use in classwork
Linux - Novice; use in research
R - Novice; use in classwork
Excel - Use extensively in class work
ArtRage, Clip Studio Paint - 5 yrs experience as avid digital artist
Photoshop - Basic image editing
First Aid - Basic First Aid, CPR, Wilderness First Aid
Cross-country skiing - Level-I PSIA certified ski instructor
Wilderness canoeing - Yukon River-Yukon Territory, Noatak River-Alaska, Athabasca River-Alberta, Stikine River-Alaska, and others