Dressing a Treasure Trailer


First the under layer.  Buy synthetic.  No cotton.  You want something sport/ski specific that wicks.  Get a top with a collar.  I like the ones with a neck zippper.

If it’s a cold day, add fleece pants and top.

Next bibs.  You can use pants, but bibs reduce the chance of snow going down the back.

Next a coat.  Should be water-resistant but not too hot.  This one is a shell with a fleece liner.  Add mitts or gloves and a hat.  You’re done.


A look inside a Treasure Trailer ski bag.  I keep everything I need for dressing my Treasure Trailer for 2 days of skiing in the yellow bag.


Top row:  jacket, fleece jacket, 2 thin undershirts shirts, fleece vest.

Middle row:  fleece pants, 2 thin underpants, bibs

Bottom:  hat, neck fleece, 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of mittens, sunscreen


Extras not shown:  sunglasses, googles, chemical hot pads, spare hat


Tricks of a seasoned ski parent:

  1. Always have spare mitts or gloves.  Kids will often get their gloves wet in the AM session and need to put on a spare pair in the afternoon.
  2. Keep a couple pairs of chemical hot pads (Hot Hands) in the ski bag.  On a bitter cold days, stick those in your kid’s gloves and boots.
  3. Don’t throw out that extra Halloween candy.  A little candy bar can save a flagging little skier on a cold day.
  4. Is dressing your child torture?  Get a one piece and reduce the dressing steps.  It’s too hot for a spring day, but fine for cold mid-winter days.